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We bring traffic to your website through quality link building

In SEO every second counts:
don't waste time, design and buy your own visibility strategy.

I want to increase my authority / traffic / visibility now

Why CONEXOO is the most effective platform to give visibility to your website


Links vitaminized: we give strength to links with web traffic

You will have a tool to create your link building strategy in layers in an orderly and visual way


You will be able to filter newspapers or blogs by thematic affinity.

We understand CONEXOO as "the evolution" of link building and visibility platforms

We understand CONEXOO as "the evolution" of link building and visibility platforms.

In your panel you select the site where you want a backlink and the depth of it and if you also want to send traffic to it to give signs of authority in the eyes of Google you can do it with a few more clicks.

Link building to another level

Evaluating the quality of a link is something we take very seriously, so, among other things, within our catalog we distinguish between sites suitable for direct links to your website and sites where it is best to take advantage of them for a tier 2.

With just a quick glance you will be able to see the sites where you are interested in buying links and discard those where you are not interested.

CONEXOO evaluates each of its available sites showing you values from SISTRIX, Ahrefs, Majestic, Google Analytics, growth/decline trend and above all, our own metric, CRANK or CONEXOO Rank.

Buy only the quality links your website needs to increase your traffic.

Buy only the quality links your website needs to increase your traffic.

Find geolocated links, from websites that already have traffic or even buy links in already published articles (coming soon) that are ranking in Google for the SERP you want to position (an exclusive feature of CONEXOO so far).

"Links with traffic"

Buy only the quality links your website needs to increase its traffic.

Buy only the quality links your website needs to increase its traffic.

"Links with traffic and quality" is our motto.

"Links with traffic and quality" is our motto.

In addition, we have our own system of "thematic affinity" where our system "matchea" / crosses your keywords positioned with the keywords positioned on our websites available on the platform and gives you a list of the most thematically related.

We try to create the evolution of link building so that you get a better result.

What makes us Different & Unique

  • Vitaminar (coming soon): You will be able to send traffic to your website through the links you buy on the platform. This will increase the relevance of the link in Google's eyes.
  • Own metrics: We take SEO metrics very seriously to determine which are the best blogs and newspapers, that's why we have developed CRANK, this is a metric where we cross-reference various data to determine the score of each site.
  • Thematic affinity: Tendrás disponible una herramienta en la cual podrás incluir 5 palabras clave y encontrar los blogs o periódicos que están rankeando por ellas.
  • Articles already published (coming soon): You will find a list of urls already published and ranking where you can buy links to your websites.
  • Payment security: The platform sends the money to the contributor only when you have validated their work

Frequently asked questions

Don't be left with any questions, here are the answers.

To understand, they are the links that you want for your linkbuilding strategy. Links at different levels, in layers, to give the maximum naturalness and effectiveness to your Offpage Seo campaign.

You will find all the information you need in the Definitive Guide to linkbuilding by layers that you receive when you subscribe and in this article of our Blog.

A link without clicks is like a website on page 80 of the SERP. Google wants signals that your link exists and that it is useful to the user. And that is achieved with clicks on them. This way you give a "vitamin shot" to the backlink and make sure that it is seen, read and indexed and that it will help you in your positioning in an effective way.

Through the customer panel you will know, at any time, where your link will be placed. After reviewing it, you choose yourself if you want to buy the link or choose a better one.

Normally the link will not disappear. But if this happens, we take responsibility for it and give you a guarantee:
  • 1 year guarantee for links to newspapers and blogs.
  • 1 month guarantee on free links

Links have to follow a pattern of naturalness. If you follow a natural line of creation, they are not going to hurt you.
  • If you need information on how a layered Interlinking works, read carefully the guide we sent you with your subscription.
  • If what you want is to know how to set up your campaigns and what factors to take into account when requesting any backlink, you have all the information you need in this post of our Conexoo Blog. We help you to design your linkbuilding strategy with the best tips from professional experts.

We have prepared the Conexoo selection panels for you to design your own campaigns. We are the only Spanish-speaking platform that allows you this freedom.
  • You have a lot of information in the guide you received with your subscription and in this post of our Conexoo Blog.
  • Anyway, if you need advice or you have neither the time nor the desire to design your own campaign, we have several interesting services available. Check out the Consulting Services available.

Like everything in SEO, I tell you like the song, "It depends....what depends..."

Factors like the industry you compete in, the strength of your domain, what your competition is doing, or your own goals, are going to determine the type and amount of backlinks you need.

To be clear, you do not need the same investment to rank for "Online Pharmacy" as you do for "Manual Juicer". It is also important to take into account the duration in time of your strategy.

Well, the answer is the same as above. Take them all into account and design an effective strategy.
  • If you need help, you can take a look at Conexoo's Consulting Services.
  • And in our definitive guide to layered link building and in this Conexoo Blog post we help you with high-value information.

With Google, in this topic and in the others, there is a premise: naturalness. If you add too many links you can "give the song" and make Google look at your website and examine it much more closely.

If it detects that you break the law and buy links, your website may suffer a penalty.

If you do not want to carry all the ballots for this to happen, always opt for a normal volume of links taking into account your industry and your direct competition.

Unfortunately, not everything depends on us.

If your website is fully optimized you will start to see results in a few months. As in previous cases, many factors play a role, including the industry and the depth of your link.